To take the author’s stress out of “Indie” Publishing!

Ease Author’s Trepidations.
There are many junctions you will encounter on the road to publication. You can certainly accomplish this yourself, however there is a steep learning curve. Here at Russian Hill Press we will help ease the bumps and keep you on the right path to self-publication.

Manage Author’s Publication Process.
Your time is valuable and you don’t’ always have the stamina to get everything accomplished. We have experienced project managers to help meet your deadlines and keep you on target.

Assist in Marketing Where Needed.
Marketing can be daunting for the novice. How do I reach my audience? What are the best tool? When should I start marketing? Russian Hill Press can offer assistance in building and reaching your target

Produce a High Quality Product.
Russian Hill Press has partnered with one of the best print on demand companies that provide world distribution. We also have a team of experienced designers, editors, and formatters to ensure that your novel will be of the highest quality.