A team of accomplished editors will help you polish your fiction or non-fiction manuscript. Editors are an essential tool in every author’s toolbox. You will need to decide the right one for you.

We recommend a content editor and line editor.
Content Editor: Looks over your manuscript with a fine toothcomb for consistency, style, and readability.
Copy Editor: Checks for clarity and flow and line editing.
Line Editor: Cleans up your grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


Work with professionals that will turn your manuscript into a high quality template for print.

We can help you with your front matter to ensure that it has a clean and professional look. Help write your author biography; this is included in your book as well as online.


A book-designer will work with you in taking your concept and developing the perfect cover for your book. Your front cover is what attracts a potential reader and you will want your cover to POP! Book+Cover+PeriodsThe second thing people look at is the back of your book. We can assist you in developing your back cover annotation that entices the reader to want more.


We provide you with an ISBN and register your copyright as well as register your book with the Library of Congress. Your book will list in online catalogs used by major retailers, wholesalers, and libraries.

You will retain your intellectual property and copyright of your book. You will also retain 100% of your royalties. You can set your own price, which allows a higher profit margin. Retail sales include Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Nook, plus world distribution.


We also offer extended opportunities to help you get your book discovered. Website set up, ebook formatting, social media consulting and assistance with your pitch, query, or synopsis.